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We Buy House In Bay Area is a quality real estate investor focused on the bay area.


They needed to enhance their on page experience for a smoother lead capture.


branding, website design, development, business integration, sales funnel optimizations, hosting


The business had an established color palette of blue and orange. We extended the tones enabling more varied design. Our main objective was creating a brand identity that felt professional and upfront and we leaned into the blue tone for this reason. We created an organic illustration set to showcase the personality of the business and to break up the reading experience.

Web Design

After refining the branding, we created an experience centered around clear messaging and exposing the business methods to ease the friction around home selling. We emphasized brevity and large type for a smooth experience for and older audience.


We used the fastest build framework on the web, Gatsby.js, to give a blazing fast experience for customers and higher ranking in search results.


Business Integrations

We set up Google, Yandex analytics as well as custom endpoints for lead capture and Sanity CMS for content management.

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