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Topline Property Solutions is a nation wide real estate investor.


They needed to give their web presence a modern facelift while maintaining a clean, professional tone. This included holding onto some original photography from the '90s.


branding, website design, development, hosting


We modernized the brand by leveraging the well-established personality of their business. We used a deep navy to invoke feeling of trust and consistency pulling from their depth of experience and expertise. We used a warmer tope to offset the navy, symbolizing confidence and professionalism.

Web Design

After establishing a clear tone, we created an experience for a modern audience. We emphasized mobile, scalable content and ease of access to points of contact and proof of value.


We used the fastest build framework on the web, Gatsby.js, to give a blazing fast experience for customers and higher ranking in search results.


Business Integrations

We set up Google Analytics and Netlify CMS to easily update content.

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We are fully remote on Earth 🌎 and we are almost always available via slack. English is our first language.

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Last updated: 11/11/2021

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