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What is a brand Audit?

Having trouble optimizing your business? Our team will look over every aspect of your business. If something’s off, we’ll let you know.

We research you, the competition, and the whole industry. Great research means great results. When the competition is stiff, everything matters, so that’s why we make sure everything is just right.


Mark and Logo Enhancement

Does your business have a spot in your audience’s brain? Your mark and logo need to cleverly portray emotion through color, size, and design. Why? Because emotion sells.

We’ll carefully review and edit your mark and logo to make sure your audience remembers you.


Typography Palette Curation and Enhancement

Typography is the art of making text clear and appealing. In business, it could do so much more.

It could build brand identity, make your audience feel something, and communicate an idea. We’ll find the best fonts, colors, and sizes for all of your business needs.


Color Palette Curation and Enhancement

Colors give off emotions in the minds of your target audience. Does your business’s color palette give off the right emotions?

We’ll do the research and experimentation to make sure that your business is using the right colors to make sales and build relationships.

Imagery and Illustration Curation and Enhancement

A picture is worth a thousand words. Brand imagery and illustration could enhance the selling atmosphere. Whether it be your website, your store, or a social media post — imagery builds the environment.

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